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Music: Damond Blue “Some Dollars”

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Baltimore rapper Damond Blue has been on his grind making his mark on the industry. His new track “Some Dollars” produced by London On Da Track, is a reflection of him taking his music to the next level. The new record is the perfect mix of bounce, repetition and energy that immediately draws you in. On this record, he lets you know that is not above upgrading a chick with potential to make her the baddest chick in the game.

Damond Blue has been working relentlessly for the past few years pumping music into the industry. He grew up on Baltimore, MD’s Eastside where he, like many youth, were exposed to the street life. His experiences lead him to music and a new way of life. His passion makes him strive to create a sound that is authentically his own.

“I want a person to hear me on a song and automatically know it’s me after a matter of seconds,” he says. “Nowadays everyone sounds the same and no one is unique anymore; I feel like I fill that void.”

When it’s all said and done some people are good at rapping and a select few were born to be great artists. Damond Blue definitely falls in the latter group and will eventually be remembered as one of the best to do it!!! Stay tuned!!!

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